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Jinger duggar wedding

Jinger's wedding gown is, by far, my favorite of the Duggar girls wedding gowns. It's the length of the train that does it every single time for me. Me too! So elegant, loved the bridesmaids dresses too It's too bright and steals attention from the rest, makes her look like matron of honor. Wish it were a lighter lavender or dusty blue. Why can't she have gotten a local shop's dress?

Who travel to Virginia and then Florida to get a wedding dress when you're "of humble means, and live modestly" like the Duggar family claims?

How much did this dress and veil cost and who paid for it? She is a reality television starlet and the wedding gown was wardrobe for the show. Perhaps they are friends? Perhaps Renee wanted to make her dress?

Maybe Jinger saved up her earnings from 19 Kids and Counting On to pay for her dress. It really doesn't matter whether she went out of the state or next door for her dress. It was a beautiful dress and she looked lovely in it. Why does it matter to you? As long as it didn't come out of your bank account, who cares? Jinger was gorgeous, the train was gorgeous, the dress was beautiful, and I agree with pm; the Duggars have certainly come a long way.

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Wonder if they still make their own laundry detergent? However, I can see why someone would question the elaborate and likely very pricey efforts to procure a wedding gown, since the family has made a big deal about their frugal ways and shopping at thrift stores. It's been their theme for a good many years, "Buy used and save the difference. You don't really have a right to judge people for what they spend their money on.

You want someone breathing up your neck when you order a pizza? Lol just saying, someone living light doesn't mean they can never treat themself.

Maybe her mom and dad paid for her dress? When I got married 6 yrs ago, my mom told me she wanted to help with my dress. It was fun trying on different dresses :.

They have lived frugally for many years, perhaps so they could save up for special occasions like this and, of course, so that they can share with others. If you disagree with someone's comment, so be it. Enough with this wedding already.

Are they back from their honeymoon? When are Derick and Jill heading back to CA? Some of us like hearing about the wedding. Also, no one is forcing you to read this.

Jinger Duggar Marries Soccer Player Jeremy Vuolo in Front of Nearly 1,000 Wedding Guests

Her dress was beautiful and so were the bridesmaid dresses. I love the article about Renee's experience.

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I especially appreciate Renee's encouragement to young girls and women. Thank you Ellie and Lily! Thanks Regina!We wanted to let you know what we did on November 5, We posted in our last itinerary post that we had a secret of where we would be in Arkansas on November 5, Jim Bob and Michelle and their lovely children, are SO kind, humble and welcoming! The Duggars are some of the nicest people you will ever meet!

Their fame has NOT gone to their heads! We were SO blessed to be invited by the Duggar family to their lovely home and we hooked our RV up in their driveway and enjoyed the fellowship with them and some other friends after the ceremony and reception. Then, the following morning, we enjoyed more time in their home singing, etc. The wedding invitation and wedding program pictured below are special to us and we look forward to adding those and our new photos from the day to our home photo album!

We are not going to give any details about the wedding at this time also, due to the paparazzi that is on a constant look out for info.

Rodrigues Family went to Jeremy and Jinger’s (Duggar) wedding! (Watch on TLC on Nov. 15!)

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We love you all and are thankful for you!! God bless you! I agree to have my personal information transfered to MailChimp more information. Please follow and like us:.Jinger and Jeremy forever!

jinger duggar wedding

We are so excited to take this next step in spending our lives together. We are so grateful for how the Lord has brought us together. It has been an incredible journey so far and we are excited about serving Christ together in the coming days.

Duggar, 22, and Vuolo, 28, announced just last month that they were officially courting. At the time, TLC released a video of the two talking about their relationship. Vuolo was raised in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, and graduated from Syracuse University. He signed with the San Antonio Scorpions in the North American Soccer League inbut took some time off to go on a missionary trip in the Philippines.

As previously reported, the future spouses actually met during a missionary trip. Jill Duggar married Derick Dillard in June and the couple are now parents to son Israel, 15 months. Jessa Duggar married boyfriend Ben Seewald in and welcomed son Spurgeon, 8 months, in November In the Duggar household, there is no hand holding or kissing before marriage. Additionally, a chaperone is needed on dates and you can only give side-hugs to say hello and goodbye.

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More News.Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have shared their official wedding photo, which shows the stunning bride smiling with her new husband. In the image, Jinger holds a bouquet of white roses, accented with red and purple fauna as the pair stand in front of a wreath of white flowers.

The year-old wears a stunning lace-sleeved gown while Vuolo dons a blue pin-striped suit. Scroll down for video. Jinger Duggar pictured, left22, and Jeremy Vuolo, 28, pictured, right have shared their official wedding photo.

Jinger Duggar's wedding photos

By his side was Jinger. Lovely: The small screen sensation wore a pretty white lace dress with a veil. Disgraced eldest child Josh Duggar center made a rare appearance at the ceremony with his wife Anna right. Jinger's sister and maid of honor Jessa shared the snapshot on her Instagram, writing: 'Ahhhhhh! So happy for my sister and brother-in-law!

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The wedding was beautiful! Jessa is pregnant with her second child and due in February. Among the guests was year-old Josh Duggar, who made a rare appearance with his wife Anna at the ceremony. The family's show '19 Kids and Counting' was canceled after it was revealed Josh had molested five children, including four of his sisters.

jinger duggar wedding

Anna and Josh Duggar are rarely spotted together and their attending of the wedding is the first time they have been seen in public together in months.

Expanding family: Joy-Anna, left, and Jana looked excited to be welcoming a new brother-in-law. They just got married and they are such a sweet couple,' said Jim Bob, who was in a suit and tie. Jeremy is such a loving, kind spiritual leader,' he added. Old pro: Big sis Jessa, who had been through it all before with Ben Seewald inhelped oversee procedings.

One kid and counting: Pregnant Jessa announced in August she and Ben are expecting their second child. Disgraced eldest brother Josh was also there. It emerged in May of last year he had molested four sisters thirteen years earlier, two of whom - Jessa and Jill - have spoken out about it and identified themselves as victims.

All on TV: The athlete got down on one knee as he popped the question to the reality vet. So into each other: The two have been romantic for only five months at most. Jinger and Jeremy have known each other for a while; they first met in May through his friend and now brother-in-law Ben Seewald. Jinger and Jeremy then went on a mission trip together and grew closer.

In June Jeremy and Jinger announced they were courting. Then a month later they revealed they were engaged. Cameras even followed Vuolo when he looked for an engagement ring.

Their honeymoon will be in Australia.Most of all, we are just excited that we will be together … married! We are married! We are so thankful to God, our parents and our wonderful families and friends for celebrating this day with us and for helping us arrive at this moment in time.

jinger duggar wedding

We love that we now are beginning our lives together as one, before God. Vuolo, 28, popped the question to Jinger, 22, in July, just a month after the couple officially announced they were courting. The family confirmed the wedding in a special message posted on YouTube on Saturday. Jessa also expressed her excitement for the newlyweds after the wedding ceremony in a post on Instagram.

So happy for my sister and brother-in-law! The wedding was beautiful! The couple met in May through his friend and now brother-in-law Ben Seewald.

ET on TLC. FB Tweet ellipsis More. One more Duggar is officially off the market! Get push notifications with news, features and more. You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications.

As for their honeymoon plans, the couple says they are heading Down Under. Image zoom. Courtesy of JingerandJeremy. Close Share options. Close Close Login. All rights reserved.

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Close View image.Most brides opt for a long wedding dress train on a whim at the bridal salon —likely because they've always dreamed of it trailing behind them on their walk down the aisle, feeling like a total princess. But for 19 Kids and Counting alum Jinger Duggar's big day, there was more to the cathedral-length train than a typical bridal request.

The real reason she wore a long train? The Bible. The TLC star wed her soccer-playing sweetheart in a Renee Miller gown and allegedly requested a long train for religious reasons. The verse included the words, "I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lifted up, and the train of His robe filled the temple. I wanted the train to be the center of attention.

After spending five minutes with Jinger, I told the producer [of 19 Kids and Counting ] that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt which of the three dresses she would choose.

Jinger tried each of them on and ended up choosing the one I had predicted. After a three-month engagement and a short courtship, the couple tied the knot on November 5, at the Cathedral of the Ozarks at Arkansas' John Brown University, with the bride donning her final pick from Renee Miller—a classically beautiful wedding dress featuring three-quarter length lace sleeves for the occasion. We are married! We love that we now are beginning our lives together as one, before God.

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jinger duggar wedding

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